ZxChat causing Browser Crash / Freeze
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Thread: ZxChat causing Browser Crash / Freeze

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    ZxChat causing Browser Crash / Freeze

    Hey there,

    since we updated to the latest version of zxchat we are experiencing some weird problems. Some users recieve a emoji from their chat partner and suddenly their browser freezes. Those emojis like :thumbs_up: are not converted to the icon itself.

    So when the user tries to login again the chat window keep plopping up and crashes / freezes the browser again. The only solution i have found so far is to login into the account that keeps crashing with FF on ubuntu (Version 42.0), while my browser asks me if i want to stop the script that does not respond anymore. So all i do is to press "Stop" and quit the chat window.

    Do u have anyone else experiencing a problem like this? We had this issue so far on two different machines with different browsers. One with Windows 7 and Mozilla / Chrome and one with Mac OSX. It was an issue with the chat itself all the time, i guess i am just lucky, that my browser asks me if i want to stop the script causing the error.

    Thanks in advance for ur help!

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    Hello DeweyRiley,

    We have found this issue in the 1.33 version of the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet. A fix was released in the 1.34.
    Which version of the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet is deployed in your system.? I noticed now the post is submitted on 12-16 so I can assume you are using the 1.33.
    Please can You deploy the version with the fix (1.34) and verify if the issue is resolved?
    Have a nice day,
    The ZeXtras team


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