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    idle times & sidebar


    We have started to use the zxchat to quickly see who is at their computer or not.
    We want to do this by setting a low idle time.

    Setting a low idle time, or even default time, the chat zimlet does not enter 'away' mode after specified time.
    We have tried not being on the zimbra tab, not used the computer, and locked the screen.
    Persons remain active after all these on both Debian/Ubuntu Linux and Windows.

    What determines "away"? and what are we doing wrong?

    OS: Ubuntu 14.04.3 x64
    CPU/RAM: 4 core / 8GB
    Zimbra version: Zimbra 8.6.0_GA_1153 FOSS (build 20141215151116)
    ZeXtras version: 2.0.3
    zxchat zimlet version: 1.31
    1 server.
    Browser: Chrome current

    Also, is it possible to set the default chat window view?
    All of our clients prefer the sidebar version.
    Something like "zxsuite chat setProperty ZxChat_SidebarEnabled true"

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    Hello Pilcheck and welcome to ZeXtras Forums!

    The idle time is calculated by Zimbra using every single interaction with the Zimbra Web Client (mouse move on the Client, click, etc.).
    Switching tab, locking the screen or other non-zimbra action are not notified to Web Client, so that events cannot be used.

    I have noticed a bug in the ZxChat Zimlet idle timer routine and We are working on them, a fix will be delivered in the next release of the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet.

    About the default chat view (with related property), try to open an RFE on
    In the mean time you can set the property for your users with the cli command:
    zmprov ma -zimbraZimletUserProperties "com_zextras_chat:zxchat_pref_dockmode:true"
    zmprov ma -zimbraZimletUserProperties "com_zextras_chat:zxchat_pref_dockmode:TRUE"
    zmprov ma +zimbraZimletUserProperties "com_zextras_chat:zxchat_pref_dockmode:FALSE"
    To check if the property is applied correctly type this command:
    zmprov ga | grep "com_zextras_chat:zxchat_pref_dockmode:"
    You should see a row like:
    zimbraZimletUserProperties: com_zextras_chat:zxchat_pref_dockmode:FALSE
    Have a nice day,
    The ZeXtras team

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    Hi Bud,

    Thanks for the workaround, works for us.
    We'll get that bugzilla report in the rotation.

    We look forward to the next release.of ZxChat.


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