ZxChat 1.26 with Portal, not starting
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Thread: ZxChat 1.26 with Portal, not starting

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    ZxChat 1.26 with Portal, not starting


    After an upgrade of ZeXtras, all users using the portal feature (zimbraFeaturePortalEnabled) can't have the ZxChat anymore. It doesn't appear even if it was on the docker mode or not.

    When I disable the portal of the user, ZxChat come back.

    Same problem on Zimbra 8.6 (FOSS) and 8.0.9 (FOSS).

    Any idea ?


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    Hello emillion and welcome to ZeXtras Forums.

    I can confirm the issue about the compatibility of the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet and the Portal feature.

    The bug has been fixed in minutes and will be delivered in the next release of ZeXtras Chat Zimlet.
    Have a nice day,
    The ZeXtras team


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