zChat buddies list doesn't display in Side Bar View
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Thread: zChat buddies list doesn't display in Side Bar View

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    zChat buddies list doesn't display in Side Bar View

    Hello, I just upgraded my Zimbra server and had to re-install ZeXtra suite to get zChat back. However in the latest Zimbra release notes I noticed that Zimbra support for Iframes is not longer by default. So when I re-installed ZeXtra and got back in to chat I noticed I had no buddies listed in my Side Bar view. However if I switch to Dock view i can see the list of people.

    Is zChat side bar view dependant on iFrames?

    How can I get my buddies list to display in Side Bar view?

    Thanks -Kenny
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    Hello Kenny!

    The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet does not rely on iFrames, so the cause of your issue cannot be related with this.
    Could you please clear both your server's and browser's cache and retry? Shouldn't this work, please report the information mentioned in section 3.1 and 3.10 of the "How to Report a ZeXtras Suite issue" guide so that our team will be able to properly investigate the issue...

    Have a nice day,
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