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Thread: IOS client setup assistance

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    IOS client setup assistance

    Does anyone have documentation for Zxchat? Not just installation on the zimbra server but things like DNS and jabber client setups.

    The web interface appears to work but was clunky at first due to not being notified that a user was wanting to chat. Kind of a chicken and egg situation. Neither of us saw the other as online until we both clicked each other's name or something.

    Our usernames are just "user" not "", at least that is how we log into zimbra web. This seems to cause issues with jabber clients out there. Also, the clients want to automatically go to instead of where the server resides. Maybe DNS service record is not configured correctly?

    XMPP clients:
    Xabber on Android seems to work best but knowing what to put into the fields was not straight forward. Trial and error got it working.

    Monal on IOS is the only client I could find that does not use a third party, i.e. goes to your server not relay through another server first. I got it working but it is constantly relogging into the server. The status of the user always shows offline even though messages send and receive. The username that I typed in was After the first successful login, this changed to even though I manually entered in the server field.

    What logs on the zimbra server can I look at to track down what might be going on?

    Zimbra 8.5x
    Zextras 1.10.1
    Ubuntu 14.x

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    Hello mountaindogs!

    Informations about how to set up a proper XMPP SRV record can be found on the official Wiki (I've just added an extract from that very page to the related ZeXtras Wiki page), while for client configuration you'll need to check that client's documentation.

    The main log in which you can find ZeXtras Chat informations is the mailbox.log file, but you can also enable ZxChat's dedicated Audit Log and check the zxchat.log file located in Zimbra's default log directory.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    Thanks for the assist.
    The zxchat.log is logging info but nothing of importance. It shows the message, that status has changed, etc.
    I used to verify my service records are correct.
    I emailed Monal about the behavior I'm seeing.


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