zxbackup keeps notifying "abnormal interruption", but there is no operation active
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Thread: zxbackup keeps notifying "abnormal interruption", but there is no operation active

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    Exclamation ZXBackup CRITICAL error "abnormal interruption", but there is NO active operation

    My zextra notifications are filling up with:

    Today, 9:27 PM - Error: Critical notification from ZxBackup: operation interrupted abnormally.
    ZeXtras Suite has detected an abnormal interruption of a ZxBackup operation, usually caused by a mailboxd service restart.
    Please make sure to find and fix the cause of said service restart before restarting the operation. 
    For additional information see http://wiki.zextras.com/wiki/Running_Operation_Awareness .
    -- Operation Details --
    Name: Smart Scan
    Start Time: 13/05/2014 21:27:08
    Operation Id: ab575f46-9e57-4714-8f52-949467dad4b3
    Requested By: zimbra
    -- Parameters --
    origin = Initialization
    dataPath = /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/
    OpStartTime = 1400041628142
    but checking, there's NO operation pending.

    zxsuite backup getAllOperations
    and, unfortunately, the link referenced above, Running Operation Awareness - ZeXtras Suite Wiki is unhelpful:

    Running Operation Awareness/en
    Running Operation Awareness/en

    There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs, but you do not have permission to create this page.
    How do we (1) clear these reports, and (2) prevent them from reappearing -- when there's no operation actually pending?
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    Hello rbsf!

    Sorry for the delay, the ZeXtras Wiki page linked in the "Operation Interrupted" notification has been correctly published now.

    It's perfectly normal not to see any queued/pending operation, as the most common cause for an operation interruption is the restart (or crash) of the mailboxd service, which also clears the operation queue.

    The notification you posted shows that a SmartScan operation (started on 13/05/2014 at 21:27:08 with operationID ab575f46-9e57-4714-8f52-949467dad4b3) was not successfully completed, so I suggest to check your mailbox.log file for abrupt service restarts and make sure that there are no scheduled mailboxd restart.
    If you can't find any service restart or any other possible cause of the broken operation, please feel free to send both the appropriate mailbox.log and /opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/oplog files to community@zextras.com, I'll be more than glad to inspect the files to see what's wrong...

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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