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Thread: User managing own backup

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    User managing own backup

    I know that backup task are for sysadmins but one of my customers ask me about it.
    Is there any way to make an user capable to manage his own account backups. For example if hi wants to recover a deleted email, contact... forder..., he does not need to ask for it to a sysadmin... It's the only feature he needs... Is it possible?
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    Hi Solunet,

    I'm sorry but now all restore modes are only available to the global admins but we are evaluating to extend the availability to domain Admins also.
    Granting this such power to the end-user could be hazardous but after the zxbackup module refactorization (ZeXtras 2.0) we will evaluate how to do it.

    Have a nice day.
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