user admin privileges may be broken
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Thread: user admin privileges may be broken

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    user admin privileges may be broken

    In my initial testing of importing data to the target server I get the following error message.

    domain 'domain-name-hidden': cannot resolve Account Id: user admin privileges may be broken

    This is on Zimbra 7.2.3 Network Edition running on CentOS.

    This IS a multi mailstore environment, with the Zextras core only installed and running on one of the 11 store servers. Before scheduling a brief maintenance to install the core on all hosts, could you tell me if the error above is likely due to me not having installed the core across all hosts? I'd like to have a little extra confidence that the install and mailboxd restarts will resolve this issue.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Matt,
    welcome to the forums!

    While the ZeXtras Core must be installed on all mailboxd servers in order to be properly functional, this is unlikely the cause of the issue you are experiencing...

    The message you report is a non-blocker error that appears when you import/restore a domain that has one or more Access Control Entries granted to a user that does not exist on the server.

    Sample scenarios
    - Domain and on the source server, is domain admin for Move to another server.
    - is a domain admin for is deleted and the delegation settings are not properly updated by Zimbra. Move to another server or restore on the same server.

    To check which users have at least one ACE set on the domain you can use the following oneliner on the source server (tested on Zimbra 8 only - execute as the zimbra user)

    for i in `zmprov gd | grep zimbraACE: | awk -F' ' {'print $2'} | sort -u`; do zmprov ga $i|grep "# name"; done;
    Please let me know if you can find the cause of the error, otherwise I'll alert the devs to check for a possible bug.
    Also, remember that both Classes of Service and Users can have ACEs referring to other users/cos/domains too.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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