Backup is not working properly on Network Edition
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Thread: Backup is not working properly on Network Edition

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    Backup is not working properly on Network Edition

    Hello ZeXtras,

    I've installed zextras in a client's zimbra NE server a week ago and everything seemed fine until today when a user deleted all the inbox with zimbra outlook connector. I can see the delete requests in the terminal:

    2013-07-11 15:44:47,165 INFO  [qtp802487384-100428:] [;mid=20;ip=;ua=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/;] soap - ItemActionRequest elapsed=421
    2013-07-11 15:44:47,258 INFO  [qtp802487384-100430:] [;mid=20;ip=;ua=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/;] soap - ItemActionRequest elapsed=86
    2013-07-11 15:44:47,265 INFO  [qtp802487384-100428:] [;mid=20;ip=;ua=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/;] mailop - Deleting Message (id=19159).
    2013-07-11 15:44:47,443 INFO  [qtp802487384-100428:] [;mid=20;ip=;ua=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/;] soap - MsgActionRequest elapsed=179
    If I restore with zextras with a 24 hour period I get emails from may, today and some even from 2012. I also tried restoring on a new account on a period from date dating two days ago and I get emails dating a year ago and stuff from may. The server always had real time scanner on.

    Zimbra Version: Release 8.0.3.GA.5664.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 NETWORK edition.
    ZeXtras Version: 1.8.4

    ZeXtras undelete report:

    This is an automated notification from ZxBackup about Undelete.
    Operation Undelete Completed.
    Operation Id: 5ff1e1a7-839c-4eb5-b5b5-392b1b276981
    Operation Host:
    Operation requested by:
    ZeXtras Version: 1.8.4
    ZeXtras commit: aac512529e2dd44a0bee562a5b3a8f7089aed18f
    Zimbra version: 8.0.3_GA_5664 20130305090212 20130305-0907 NETWORK
    Start date: 10/07/2013 00:00:00
    End date: 12/07/2013 23:59:59
    Additional notifications: []
    - parameters -
                         start date: 10/07/2013 00:00:00
                           end date: 12/07/2013 23:59:59
      additional notification mails: None
    - stats -
         items restored: 127
    Here is a screenshot of the stuff restored:

    Is zextras not supported by Network Edition?

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    Hello iamcypher!

    ZeXtras Suite is 100% compatible with Zimbra Network Edition...
    I can't see anything wrong in the screenshot you posted, It's not uncommon to see old emails in the restore folder as such old emails might have been deleted during the timespan you entered...

    What makes you say that ZeXtras Backup restored the wrong emails?
    - Did the "Undelete Restore" operation restore any emails deleted before the timespan you selected in the restore wizard?
    - Did the "Undelete Restore" operation restore too few emails?
    - Is the content of the account restored by the "Restore on New Account" operation different than the content of the original account as it was on the date you selected in the wizard?

    Please let me know the exact case between those I mentioned, if the answer of any of the previous questions is a "yes" please send the pertaining section of the mailbox.log file to

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

    P.s.: This might have nothing to do with your report, but you are running a quite old ZeXtras Suite version... I strongly suggest to update to ZeXtras Suite 1.8.8, released just a couple of days ago...
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    You are right. It's just that I was expecting to restore only emails that were received in that exact period.

    I will update the software today I guess. I didn't notice there was a new version. I had this one since I downloaded zimbra

    Thanks again.
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