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    Question External Account not restored

    we have migrated an account from one Zimbra server to another using zxbackup but the external gmail account which was configured in the source server did not get restored. The folder where the external emails are delivered to was created okay. At this point I attempted to re-create the account in preferences but it would not allow me and said it already existed. Dropping to the CLI and executing zmprov gds account@domain.com yielded that indeed the data source was present. Had to delete using zmprov dds account@domain.com datasourcename.

    Is this a known issue or should a bug be raised ?

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    Hello INNOVOT!

    This is not a known issue, I just ran a test restoring an account which fetches all mail from my gmail account through an IMAP datasource and the only thing that wasn't restored was the external account's password (which is a known behaviour)...
    Could you please file a bug at Bugzilla Main Page specifying the type of External Resource (IMAP or POP3) along all useful information such as Zimbra and ZeXtras Suite version for both source and destination server and any error that may be found in the export/import logs?

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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