Methods for Verifying backups?
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Thread: Methods for Verifying backups?

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    Methods for Verifying backups?

    One certain method for verifying the completeness & integrity of a ZeXtras Backup is to export the backup, and restore it to a clean/new Zimbra instance, e.g. launched in a VM.

    That's certainly doable, but a fair amount of work. And hardly automated.

    Previously, with my own backup scripts, I'd calculate full-backup per-file and complete-store hashes of the source & destination. If the hashes matched, the backup was known to be good. That assumed, of course, identical source & destination file names/formats/etc.

    As Zextras functions differently, afaict, that's not doable.

    What more-efficient methods for verifying completeness/integrity a ZeXtras backup -- all data & content -- exist?

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    Hello rbsf!

    Right now there is no automated coherency check for a full backup path/export path (the *Scan operations only verify the coherency between the items currently exising in Zimbra and the backupped items). Such a feature is planned for the ZeXtras Suite 2.0.x code tree.

    Since the backupped BLOBs are named after their SHA1 (or SHA256 for items created by Zimbra 8.x) hash, a "quick and dirty" way to automate a coherency check to detect data corruption for wether a backup path or export path would be to recursively parse the contents of the "items/" directory's 4096 subdirectories, calculating the hash of each file and comparing it with the name of the file itself.

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