importing domains without accounts
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Thread: importing domains without accounts

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    importing domains without accounts


    I have lot of domains used by my clients only by aliases, so account list is empty.

    when I try to migrate one of those from old server to new one I can't go beyond "Select accounts" wizard on admin console.

    Is not really a big deal as I can recreate those by hand, but I'm wondering if that's a bug or is by design.

    Note: If I perform same operation by hand it works:

    zxsuite backup doExternalRestore /mnt/backups/
    but in admin console Finish button is greyed out do I can't go further.
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    Hello Muzzol!

    The behaviour you noticed is a legacy design choice made to avoid "clickity-click-click-what-did-I-just-do?" situations (the zimlet won't allow restores with no selected accounts).
    This limitation will be removed in version 1.8.1...

    Have a nice day,

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    ok, that makes a lot of sense. I know a lot of next-next admins

    I'm more a bash guy so Is not really a big deal for me, but maybe you could add a confirmation check or something like that.

    anyway, thanks for your time.



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