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Thread: Account does not exist

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    Account does not exist


    I just finished importing a domain with about 70 users (

    now when I login to admin console and I click on such domain I get this error:
    Account does not exist
    Message: no such account: Error code: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Sender
    that account was removed time ago on original server but seems that somehow there's still remaining information.

    is there anything I can do either in source or in destination server to avoid this problem after recovering accounts?

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    Hi muzzol,

    I have already give a solution about this zimbra issue in another post

    Quote Originally Posted by d0s0n View Post
    You're right, the problem is the Notebook account, a removed features in Zimbra 7.

    To solve your problem you need to remove the reference to the old Notebook account from the domain: zimbraNotebookAccount property with the command:

    zmprov md zimbraNotebookAccount ""
    Any feedback is welcome.

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