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A developer has mentioned me do it via the zimbra SOAP service from the old server, do you know if it is possible?
All is possible but build an automation for that is not simple, because the group item was changed in zimbra8 and now the group isn't a simple list of mail address but a container with link to other users or other contacts.
If you want try to investigate with soap you should start from this zimbra doc file: /opt/zimbra/docs/soap.txt

Said that, the only other risky way, could be to restart the import process, with the old data and the same backup path you used during the first import (for the map_file data). All new mail, received after the migration, will not be deleted but the process remain risky in a production enviroment. But maybe you want try with at least a single user. If you chose to make this test keep in mind that the domain settings and the (single) user preferences will be overwritten, so carefully consider what you decide to do.

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