How to ensure backup consistency after doMailboxMove
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Thread: How to ensure backup consistency after doMailboxMove

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    Question How to ensure backup consistency after doMailboxMove

    Hi all. Running following configuration:

    Network Modules NG Version: 3.1.3
    Network Modules NG commit: 94c34c6eb8b985dfdd37515cf641d6950020b92c
    ZAL Version: 2.16.0
    ZAL commit: 2b7f623d77f2eff5714eb58dcd3d4f844c759ab9
    Zimbra version: 8.8.15_GA_3975 20201017004308 20201017-0117 NETWORK

    I recently migrated all Zimbra Mailboxes from the source mailstore to a new couple of mailstores using zxsuite HSM doMailboxMove in several steps (about 900 mailboxes, about 2 TB total). The new infrastructure works very well and no issues were experienced by users.
    During the migration, there were no errors while transferring BLOB/Index/DB Items, but there were some errors while transferring backup items: logs showed some errors (like File does not exist) for almost every mailbox, ranging from no or few errors to 30-40 errors for largest mailboxes. Errors are related only to backup items, so I assume that all mailbox contents were safely transferred to the new mailstores.

    Now I would like to check the real consistency of the backup and fix possible inconsistencies. What is the correct way to do this? I know that doSmartScan performs such checks, but only on items created since last SmartScan. Instead I would like to do a check on ALL items, to ensure that every message in every mailbox has a corresponding entry in the backup store, regardless of any error possibly occurred during the backup stage in doMailboxMove. I also know that the option deep true on doSmartScan performs a more accurate check, but If I correctly undesrtood, it seems that this check is also done only on items modified since last SmartScan, so I cannot rely only on doSmartScan to ensure a complete consistency of the backup store.

    The right way to achieve my purpose seems to be the command doCoherencyCheck with fixBackup true that detects and corrects any inconsistencies on the backup store. Now my question: is this the correct command to ensure that, after a full execution on all mailboxes, all BLOBS in the mailstore have one or more corresponding entries in the backup store, even if such backup entries were missing just after moving the mailbox? For example, if doCoherencyCheck (with fixBackup) detects a BLOB without a corresponding backup item, does it create its backup?

    Thank you very much in advance


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    Hi Massimo and welcome to our forums!

    Since you are using the NG Modules on Zimbra Network edition, this isn't the right place to ask for support, but I can confirm the SmartScan with "deep true" option is the best way to ensure that all zimbra items are stored in the backup-path, while the CoherencyCheck is intended to heck only backup (unless you add the "checkZimbra true" flag, but this way is more resource intensive).

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