Exporting Backup Is Incremental?
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Thread: Exporting Backup Is Incremental?

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    Exporting Backup Is Incremental?


    I would like to have a full backup of all my zimbra data on a NAS device, so I created a cron job to run zxsuite doExport every night. I would like to know if it will export only changes since the last export or if i have 500GB of backup it will always copy 500GB of data. This is a very critical question which might have an impact on my decision of buying the product.

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    Hello iamcypher,
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    The doExport CLI operation perform a complete export of the zimbra data to the destination folder.

    As a design choice ZeXtras Suite doesn't work on a full+incremental model, but relies on the Real Time Scanner to perform a real time backup of the system.
    The doExport command is just an additional option for those who want a "static" snapshot of the system for disaster recovery or migration means.

    My suggestion is to mount a folder from the NAS through NFS on the Zimbra server, and use such folder as your backup path. Test it for about a week to see if your Network/NAS performances are fine for this kind of use (if the performance is too low and too many operations get queued you'll receive a warning message both on the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet's Notifications tab and via email to the Adminitrator's address).
    Should this option reveal itself not viable you should perform the doExport operation on a local folder and then rsync such folder with your backup folder on the NAS. This way only new data will be saved in the NAS.

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    Thank you. I will try it right away.


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