I made an export dataset with ZeXtras Migration Tool and start the import process with ZeXtras Backup.
I had to restart Zimbra services before import complete. So I had to restart the import process a second time.

In the "External Restore completed" notification I read "Warnings: 0 Errors: 0" but the quantity of messages doesn't match:

From "ZeXtras Backup Notification, Export completed" notification:
           metadata: 308860
              files: 305768
      checked items: 308860
        backup path: /opt/zimbra/backup/export
      skipped items: 0
 I/O read exception: 0
  num skipped files: 0
From "ZeXtras Backup Notification, External Restore completed" notification:
Warnings: 0
Errors: 0

 - stats -
Restored Items: 473
Skipped Items: 308252
Unrestored Items: 0
I suppose that the 308252 "Skipped Items" are those already imported during first import and 473 the missing ones.

So: 308252 + 473 = 308725 instead of 305768.

Maybe this a deduplication consequence?

It is a good idea running the import again?

Thanks for your help.