In order to reduce costs, our filesystem dedicated to zxbackup is a NFS mount of a share on a server in the same LAN.

For all operations (smartscan, realtime scanner, etc) we don't notice any performance issue, it's working pretty much like before when it was on local disks except for the purge job.

The purge is about 12 times slower and, on our small infrastructure, takes now 3 days to run. And since the purge interval is forced to 1 week and since it's not possible to disable the purge, we even can't setup a monthly purge (for example)

I don't really understand why only purge job is slow.

Is there any way to run the purge job directly on the external NFS server ? and if not, how can we at least setup a custom purge interval (or disable the purge in order to run it with a cron job) ?

Thanks for your help