Getting warning on LDAP Backup : invalid credentials
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Thread: Getting warning on LDAP Backup : invalid credentials

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    Getting warning on LDAP Backup : invalid credentials


    We recently migrated to Zimbra Network Edition 8.8.9
    After initializing the backup location for SmartScan, the backup process started.

    On the notification window we're getting this warning, and we don't know what is it?

    this is an automated notification from Backup about Backup LDAP Server.
    Operation Backup LDAP Server Completed.
    Operation Id: 41665798-7a6d-44d5-97be-46649004fe8a
    Operation Host:
    Operation Start Time: 23/07/2018 04:01:00
    Operation Duration: 676 milliseconds
    Scheduled operation
    Network Modules NG Version: 2.9.0
    Network Modules NG commit: fa86cdcf599b03f9f33024f6e3a4cea9d8844edd
    ZAL Version: 2.4.0
    ZAL commit: 60f296c5b612e7945970c30a6c4b6e6ebd0ad079
    Zimbra version: 8.8.9_GA_3006 20180713045143 20180713-0518 NETWORK
    DoBackupLDAP backup path: /opt/zimbra/backup/server/ldap_23_07_18#04_01_00.tar.gz
     warning: [] invalid credentials 
    What does this warning mean?


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    If you're using NE, you have to get in touch with Zimbra's support.


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