Feature request: default COS replacement
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Thread: Feature request: default COS replacement

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    Feature request: default COS replacement


    I'm happy with the External Restore default behavior, which is to restore all COS with a "_restored_" suffix. It makes perfect sense.

    But could it be possible to add a switch, at least to the command-line tool, to force the replacement of the default COS by the one from the data being imported?
    That would be useful when restoring entire domains to a brand new server where the default COS hasn't been customized.
    It would avoid having to replicate the "new" default COS's settings manually into the existing one since renaming/deleting of the default COS is impossible. And avoid having to change the COSId for all the accounts that are using the default one (easily done with a one-line command, but I guess I'm lazy!).


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    Hi Nico,
    thanks for your feedback!

    We are currently evaluating several options to extend the capabilities of ZeXtras Backup aiming to a more "direct" control of the import/restore procedure, I'm pleased add your suggestion to the list!

    Have a nice day,


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