Size be More Larger When Restore Data
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Thread: Size be More Larger When Restore Data

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    Size be More Larger When Restore Data


    I have an issue with Zextras backup 2.6.4 and Zimbra 8.8.8
    Now, I am migrating an email server from zimbra 8.5 to 8.8.8 using a different server
    On the old server, data of about 400 gb, but when in the restore on the new server, its data becomes 1 TB and the restore process is not finished yet
    On the old server, domain as primary and as an alias, but on the new server, the position is reversed, so the restore position is to the domain alias on the new server
    Now, I must deduplicate mailbox for save space disk
    Are there any bugs or errors when doing data restore?

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    Hi rzpratama01,
    and welcome to Zextras Forum!

    Talking about data size, there isn't any bugs or errors in your scenario.
    Consider that incoming message deduplication could not be applied to import operation since it is performed for each account a time.

    So it is a normal behavior that you have to manually run a doDeduplicate task.

    Also, have you verified if the source volume was compressed? and if the new volume is it?

    Regarding the domain alias, could you verify the output of the

    zmprov getAllDomains -v
    on the source and on the destination server?

    Have a nice day,

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