Incremental Migration using ZxBackup - server settings
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Thread: Incremental Migration using ZxBackup - server settings

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    Incremental Migration using ZxBackup - server settings

    Hi All

    We have had ZeXtras Suite for quite a few years now and it's a great product. But this will be the first time I've used it to do a server migration (CentOS 6 -> CentOS 7, same Zimbra version).
    I did benchmark using the ZxMigrate tool but the export took about 8hrs due to slow storage from the current server. That sort of downtime with no access isn't really acceptable so I definitely think I will use a ZxBackup incremental after all.

    I am a bit confused about what is or isn't included in the backup though.
    From this page it says the following will not be migrated by the tool...
    Server settings (migrated for reference but not restored).
    Global Settings (migrated for reference but not restored).
    Customizations (Postfix, Jetty, etc...).
    Items moved or deleted during the process will not be moved or deleted on the destination server.
    Preferences (e.g. passwords) changed during the process will be reset upon each import.
    I have a couple of questions about this:
    1) What's the best strategy for migrating Server and Global Settings?
    Is it a case of copying the zmlocalconfig and importing? It's been a few years since I was hands-on with Zimbra that I have forgotten alot of the config structure and placement.

    2) Items that are moved/deleted during the process. So if user deletes item A after the initial full SmartScan has taken place, then a final SmartScan has been synced and the backup imported, that item will be present in their mailbox again?

    3) I'm very tempted to use the "alternate" step 5 migration method, of switching the mailflow while the import runs in the background.
    I'd be keen to hear any success stories that anyone might have of this.
    The downside I suppose that if the import fails for any reason, then you have already switched the mail flow.
    I will run some full imports as tests anyway, before I even get to running the real migration, so if there are any object inconsistencies in the storage structure hopefully they would be flushed out by that point.

    Thanks, B

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    Hi all. Anyone have any comments?


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