Hi, I have the real-time scanner active, but also smartscan is scheduled to run every night at 2AM (the default).

When the smartscan runs, it is still picking up a couple of hundred updated items, but shouldn't this be smaller if the realtime scanner is backing those up? Is the scheduled smartscan still needed if the realtime scanner is on?

This is an automated notification from ZeXtras Backup about Smart Scan.

Operation Smart Scan Completed.

Operation Id: 7a9873ef-a9fb-4e86-8345-230f5f476905
Operation Host: <snipped>
Operation Start Time: 16/11/2016 02:01:00
Operation Duration: 2 seconds
Scheduled operation

ZeXtras Suite Version: 2.4.2
ZeXtras Suite commit: ae9376b25732296284dee82550a71d948520ee08
ZAL Version: 1.11.2
ZAL commit: ae9376b25732296284dee82550a71d948520ee08
Zimbra version: 8.7.1_GA_1670 20161025045328 20161025-0456 FOSS

- stats -
                   new accounts: 0
               accounts updated: 29
       skipped accounts(by COS): 0
                   item updated: 216
                   new metadata: 0
                      new files: 0
                  checked items: 1579
                    backup path: /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras
                  skipped items: 0
             I/O read exception: 0
              num skipped files: 0
                      items/sec: 568
  additional notification mails: