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    Question ZxBackup over NFS

    Here's a zextras enhanced Zimbra setup that I'd like to have:

    I'd like to configure zextras so that every e-mail older than say 365 days gets moved onto a separate storage volume with both compression and deduplication enabled - this will act as a kind of "transparent cold storage" for my users - I know this is possible with ZxPowerStore, and I have already tested this kind of setup with a trial version of Zextras.

    What's more important to me is that I'd like to have a separate (preferably NFS mounted) share on a different machine, which will act as a ZxBackup volume storing each and every sent/received message for every user and the entire Zimbra config as well so it could be used to restore an accidently deleted message and to restore the entire server as well in case something goes terribly wrong. I have seen thisarticle on your wiki: https://wiki.zextras.com/wiki/Taking...39;s_Datastore
    and this is pretty much what I'd like to have the only difference being a permanent NFS share insted of scheduled rsyncing.
    The NFS server will have a dedicated, redundant 1Gb/s link inside the same physical LAN as the main server and a set of 4-6 RAID 10 drives.
    Is such a setup possible/supported?

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    Hello pietrek!

    The only requirements for ZxBackup's Backup Path are the following:

    • A Case-Sensitive filesystem (as ZxBackup uses the SHA1 algorithm for file naming).
    • A mountpoint on the server.
    • Read and Write permissions granted to the "zimbra" user.

    Thus, an NFS share with a mountpoint on the server is a perfectly valid backup path, given that its I/O throughtput is proportionate to the amount of data handled by ZxBackup. All your data will be stored there in realtime thanks to the RealTime Scanner, and server/postfix configurations will be saved by the daily SmartScan.

    Furthermore, as you correctly stated, using ZxPowerstore you'll be able to move any data older than a set age to a secondary compressed volume.
    Deduplication, on the other hand, is achieved through the Volume Deduplication feature, which can be scheduled nightly via CRON using the dedicated zxsuite powerstore doDeduplicate CLI command.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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