Different Zextras Backup (export smartscan) and Zextras Migration Tool?
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Thread: Different Zextras Backup (export smartscan) and Zextras Migration Tool?

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    Unhappy Different Zextras Backup (export smartscan) and Zextras Migration Tool?


    I'm newbie here and I want to ask. I'm going to migrate my mail server from old server zimbra 7.1.4 to new server with zimbra 8.6, but I'im still confused between this thread ZxBackup: Incremental migration with ZeXtras Backup - ZeXtras Suite Wiki and this one Migrate Zimbra - ZeXtras Suite Wiki

    so what is the different between zextras suite backup (export smartscan) and zextras migration tool? which one should I use?
    please help me.. I'm very confuse

    Thanks for ur help

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    Hello Firman,
    welcome to the forums!

    The migration methods you mention both have their pros and cons:

    Incremental Migration
    Live migration, no downtime. Doesn't update changes made during the migration.
    Can be executed over a several days timespan. See above.
    Requires less disk space if you are already using ZeXtras Backup. Same disk use space usage as the ZxMig/Export one if not already using ZxBackup.

    Usually easier to perform. Requires a service downtime.
    Much more straightforward. Must be carried on from start to finish in a single run.
    Requires a lower Zimbra expertise. Being a "one-shot" migration, the data exported for test purpouses cannot be reused.

    My suggestion is to read carefully through both guides and find out which option is the most suitable for your case... Feel free to ask any question that might help you in your choice!

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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