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    Exclamation Known Issues (ZxBackup)

    • Domain configurations are restored starting from version 1.0.
    • Multistore Support has been introduced in version 1.0.
    • Cluster environment is Unsupported, due to the number of different possible configurations. However, ZeXtras Suite should run without problems on Single-datastore Clusters.
    • When the "Empty Trash" or "Empry Folder" are used, the account will be flagged as "Dirty" and a Live Full Scan on the account will be triggered at the first restore. This is to prevent data loss due to the implementations of such functions in Zimbra Open Source Edition.
    • Emails downloaded via POP3 protocol and deleted from the server during a restore will not be backupped. This problem will be fixed soon.
    • GalSync resource are restored but not automatically synced. If a complete domain is imported, a sync must be forced with the command `zmgsautil forceSync -a -n InternalGAL`
    .. Full and Updated List on ZeXtras Wiki #ZxBackup Known Issues
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