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Thread: Backup not initializing

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    Backup not initializing

    I performed a default install. Clicked on the "Initialize Now" button for backup. Nothing happened. Checked permissions on /opt/zimbra/backup/ and zimbra owns it. The folder /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/ did not get created. Does the server need to be rebooted? I would hope not.

    From mailbox.log:
    2014-10-26 17:42:17,459 INFO [main] [] extensions - * Starting ZeXtras Backup module
    2014-10-26 17:42:17,484 INFO [main] [] extensions - ZxBackup Real Time Scanner: Enabled
    2014-10-26 17:42:17,485 INFO [main] [] extensions - Scheduling operation ZxBackup/Purge with timezone Greenwich Mean Time 1 4 * * 6
    2014-10-26 17:42:17,485 INFO [main] [] extensions - Scheduling operation ZxBackup/SmartScan with timezone Greenwich Mean Time 1 4 * * 0,1,2,3,4,5

    zimbra@mail01:~$ zxsuite backup getProperty

    ZxBackup_DoSmartScanOnStartup false (false)
    ZxBackup_DestPath /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/ (/opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/)
    ZxBackup_SmartScanSchedulingEnabled true (true)
    ZxBackup_SpaceThreshold 1024 (1024)
    ZxBackup_BackupCustomizations true (true)
    ZxBackup_ModuleEnabledAtStartup true (true)
    ZxBackup_PurgeWeekDay 6 (6)
    ZxBackup_PurgeCustomizations true (true)
    ZxBackup_SmartScanStartTime 4 (4)
    ZxBackup_DataRetentionDays 30 (30)
    ZxBackup_RealTimeScanner true (true)

    a precise description of the issue - please see above
    steps to reproduce the issue - unknown
    your server's specs (cpu, ram, storage etc...) - 4GB ram, 100GB storage, VM running on ESX
    your Zimbra version - 8.5.0 patch 2
    your ZeXtras Suite/ZxMig version ( as the zimbra user run: "zxsuite/zxmig core getVersion" ) - 1.10.0
    your OS, its version and architecture - ubuntu 14 x86_64
    the number of servers in your Zimbra infrastructure - 1
    the number of mailbox server in your Zimbra infrastructure - 1 (same server)
    for GUI related issues, the browser you were using when experiencing the issue and its version - N/A
    for ZxChat Zimlet issues, the ZxChat Zimlet version - N/A


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    Hello Mark,
    welcome to the forums!

    Could you please send the relevant mailbox.log file to so that I'll be able to have a look at it and look for any possible cause of the issue? Also, could you please try initializing ZeXtras Backup via the ZeXtras CLI running the following command as the 'zimbra' user and let me know the outcome?

    zxsuite backup doSmartScan
    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    Thanks. The command line worked. Mailbox.log files sent to address requested.


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