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Thread: Export search result as CSV

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    Export search result as CSV

    Hello everybody.

    When you're a super-admin (global admin) and you do a search in the webadmin UI, there's a choice (upper left menu) that allows you to export the search results as CSV.
    This choice is not available for an account that was defined as "domain admin" with ZxAdmin.

    So two questions...

    1. is it possible to add this in the future ZxAdmin versions?

    2. while this is available with ZxAdmin, what would be the correct way (grantright?) to allow/enable it?

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    Hello Klug!

    I've opened an RFE on our Bugzilla about your request: https://bugzilla.zextras.com/show_bug.cgi?id=213

    I'm not sure which rights you'd need to grant to the Delegated Admin to allow displaying and using such feature, I'll ask the Devs if they have any hint but if you find the answer feel free to share it

    Have a nice day,


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