Unable to get monthly usage report
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Thread: Unable to get monthly usage report

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    Unable to get monthly usage report


    I am unable to get monthly usage report for April , May , June and July months of 2014 but I can see my reports for January , February , August , September and Octomer 2014.

    Below are the logs ls -l

    [zimbra@zim01 zxadmin]$ ls
    2013_08.report 2013_11 2014_01.qt 2014_04 2014_08.report
    2013_09 2013_11.qt 2014_01.report 2014_04.report 2014_09
    2013_09.qt 2013_11.report 2014_02 2014_05 2014_09.qt
    2013_09.report 2013_12 2014_02.qt 2014_06 2014_09.report
    2013_10 2013_12.qt 2014_02.report 2014_07 2014_10
    2013_10.qt 2013_12.report 2014_03 2014_07.report 2014_10.qt
    2013_10.report 2014_01 2014_03.qt 2014_08

    There is no esxtension for .qt for there months. When I was generating report I am below

    Account/max accounts: Not available
    Current Domain Size: Not available
    Maximum Domain Size: Not available
    Accounts with no quota limit: Not available
    Total size of accounts with no quota limit: Not available
    System Resources in the domain: Not available
    Calendar Resources in the domain: Not available

    Is there any way , I can get usage report for above months.


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    Hello Revanth,
    welcome to the forums!

    I think this issue is related to an old ZeXtras Admin bug that could prevent the proper creation of .qt (quota information) files.
    Quota data is gathered and stored daily, so unfortunately it's not possible to create .qt files ex post.

    Have a nice day,
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