ZxAdmin unable to query server, is not a Mailbox Server
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Thread: ZxAdmin unable to query server, is not a Mailbox Server

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    ZxAdmin unable to query server, is not a Mailbox Server

    We have a multi-server installation running CentOS 6 x86_64 on 17 Zimbra servers of which 7 are mailbox servers.
    We run Zimbra 8.0.8 OSE and ZeXtras 1.8.18.

    I removed mailboxd from two servers, following instructions at Removing A Mailstore - Zimbra :: Wiki.

    Now, when I login in the Zimbra Admin Web interface, I get an error like the following

    Complete text is below
    Unable to query 'zm-in-02.cloud.forthnet.prv', is not a MailBox Server
    Client: Administration,
    ,Unable to query 'zm-in-02.cloud.forthnet.prv', is not a MailBox Server
    at ZxAdminRequest.sendRequest ( Zimlets-nodev_all.js.zgz.js:9104 )
    at ZxChatAccountModifier.LOAD_ATTRS ( Zimlets-nodev_all.js.zgz.js:16221 )
    at ZxFormModifier.prototype._fireLoaders ( Zimlets-nodev_all.js.zgz.js:9394 )
    at ZaItem.prototype.load ( Admin_all.js.zgz:796 )
    at ZaDomain.loadDataSources ( Admin_all.js.zgz:30386 )
    at ZaItem.prototype.load ( Admin_all.js.zgz:796 )
    at ZaDomain.getDomainByName ( Admin_all.js.zgz:30315 )
    at ZaAccountXFormView.isAuthfromInternal ( Admin_all.js.zgz:36380 )
    at ZaAccountXFormView.myXFormModifier ( Admin_all.js.zgz:37726 )
    at ZaTabView.prototype.getMyXForm ( Admin_all.js.zgz:7081 )
    at Unknown.ZaAccountXFormView ( Admin_all.js.zgz:35949 )
    at ZaAccountViewController.setViewMethod ( Admin_all.js.zgz:16067 )
    at ZaController.prototype._setView ( Admin_all.js.zgz:3851 )
    at ZaAccountViewController.prototype.show ( Admin_all.js.zgz:16012 )
    at ZaAccountListController.prototype._editItem ( Admin_all.js.zgz:15373 )
    at Categorized_DynSelect_XFormItem.prototype.onChoiceClick ( Admin_all.js.zgz:9869 )
    at OSelect1_XFormItem.prototype.onOutsideMouseDown ( XForms_all.js.zgz:6447 )
    at AjxListener.prototype.handleEvent ( Ajax_all.js.zgz:4674 )
    at AjxCore._createListenerClosure/closure ( Ajax_all.js.zgz:103 )
    It comes up 4-5 times for each mailboxd that I have removed.
    It looks like ZxChat is trying to contact them for some reason?

    I tried flushing the zimlet cache, and all the servers have been completely restarted since the mailboxd removal (because of an upgrade).

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    I had a talk with the devs, and they think that there might still be some references to the old mailboxd server in a galsync/ham/spam account, could you please check those account for any reference to the old servers with the following commands:
    zmprov ga -e [account]
    zmprov gds [account] (only for the galsync account)
    It's also possible that a galsync account referencing one of the decommissioned servers has been deleted but it's still mentioned in the "zimbraGalAccountId" property of a domain, so checking if the output of the following command returns a valid account for any domain might be a good idea.
    zmprov gd [domain] zimbraGalAccountId
    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team
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    Very interesting, and right to the point!

    Indeed there were two galsync accounts referencing the old mailboxd servers, which I deleted.
    Their zimbraId was also mentioned in the domain's zimbraGalAccountId list, which I also removed.

    The ZeXtras error is now gone from the Zimbra admin interface :-)
    Thank you very much guys!


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