Incremental Migration
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Thread: Incremental Migration

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    Incremental Migration


    I was trying to perform an incremental migration (from 6.0.7 to 8.0.7) but due to slow disks time/writes, it's taking forever and information drift from the begining to the end of the procedure will be way too much for end users (you know, modified/deleted items).

    So, I was thinking in making this in my four store servers:

    1) Fullscan on each one of them to the NFS share (/mnt/backup/1-4)
    2) After backups are over (they take like 1 day to finish). Stop services and launch another fullscan that will take much less time as it will be during a weekend and almost no information is changed
    3) Start the external recoveries from the NFS shares on the 4 new servers and by the time accounts are created, change firewall and DNS information to make them my new production enviroment.

    Is this a good idea? I mean, my intention is for the users to start using the new servers as soon as their LDAP accounts are created and in the meanwhile, keep the restoring jobs putting the emails back in their mailboxes. Would this work or is this a risky operation to perform?

    After everything is moved, fix shares and powerdedup the stores as usual with incremental migrations.


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    Hello Sebas!

    This is a VERY good idea
    I use a similar method myself on large migrations, running a "provisioning only" import to create all domains/cos/accounts on the destination server before switching the DNS and starting the first "real" import.

    Just be aware that THERE IS NO WAY BACK! (too much emphasis?)

    Once the firewall and DNS settings are changed, going back to the old server is pretty much impossible without extensive handiwork, so please make sure that everything is properly set up before starting.

    Thus, make sure that things like:
    - Disk Sizing
    - Filesystem health
    - Zimbra BLOB and DB health
    - Proper Zimbra JVM memory settings (heap size and PermGen/MaxPermGen)

    are properly dealt with before starting the import...

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

    (p.s.: I took this opportunity to add the aforementioned option to the official Incremental Migration Guide as an Alternate Step 5)

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    Hi Cine!

    That is so cool! Just saw the alternate method with the provisioning option in the Incremental Migration Guide. Thank you very much for your help!!!

    I guess that GAL account should be recreated right after provisioning all the accounts and that the shares will have to wait until the end of the whole process to be checked.

    Thanks again Cine for your help

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