sync migration after using export tool
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Thread: sync migration after using export tool

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    sync migration after using export tool

    I started my migration from Zimbra 7.0.1 on Centos to 8.0.7 on Ubuntu server using the Free Migration tool to export my 1.8 TB of data over the weekend. I used my firewall to block incoming email during the migration so effectively my server is down.

    Unfortunately, the export took too long, over 48 hours leaving no time to run the import before I was force to bring my (old) server back to production status allowing incoming emails.

    I realise I will need to look at using the incremental migration process to get around the time restraints.

    My question is, can I import the backup that I have onto my new server then install ZeXtras suite on the old server and use it to synchronize the 2 servers or do I have to scrap the export and do over following the imcremental migration procedure?

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    Hi Cantish and welcome to our forums!

    Sure, you can switch to ZeXtras Suite in any moment because ZxBackup uses the same method to export data from zimbra, so you can follow the incremental migration guide and keep your previous exported data.

    Have a nice day.
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