"sudo: Unable to resolve host" error when restarting Zimbra
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Thread: "sudo: Unable to resolve host" error when restarting Zimbra

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    Unhappy "sudo: Unable to resolve host" error when restarting Zimbra

    I have properly installed zimbra on ubuntu 12.04.5
    When I run the following:
    mcontrol restart
    Host mail.xyairports.com
    Stopping vmware-ha...Done.
    Stopping zmconfigd...Done.
    Stopping stats...Done.
    Stopping mta...Done.
    Stopping spell...Done.
    Stopping snmp...Done.
    Stopping cbpolicyd...Done.
    Stopping archiving...Done.
    Stopping antivirus...Done.
    Stopping antispam...Done.
    Stopping proxy...Done.
    Stopping memcached...Done.
    Stopping mailbox...Done.
    Stopping logger...Done.
    Stopping ldap...Done.
    Host mail.xyairports.com
    Starting ldap...Done.
    Starting zmconfigd...Done.
    Starting logger...Done.
    Starting mailbox...Done.
    Starting antispam...Done.
    Starting antivirus...Done.
    Starting snmp...Done.
    Starting spell...Done.
    Starting mta...Failed.
    sudo: unable to resolve host (none)
    sudo: unable to resolve host (none)
    Starting saslauthd...saslauthd[3043] :set_auth_mech : failed to initialize mechanism zimbra
    zmsaslauthdctl failed to start
    opendkim: /opt/zimbra/conf/opendkim.conf: configuration error at line 0: error reading configuration file
    Failed to start opendkim: 0
    zmopendkimctl failed to start

    Starting stats...Done.

    zimbra@(none):/root$ zmcontrol status
    Host mail.xyairports.com
    antispam Stopped
    zmamavisdctl is not running
    antivirus Stopped
    zmamavisdctl is not running
    zmclamdctl is not running
    zmfreshclamctl is not running
    ldap Running
    logger Running
    mailbox Stopped
    zmmailboxdctl is not running.
    mta Stopped
    zmsaslauthdctl is not running
    zmopendkimctl is not running
    snmp Running
    spell Running
    stats Stopped
    zmconfigd Running

    Please help me to fix the above error

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    Hello alphaxybase,
    welcome to the forums!

    It appears that your server is unable to properly resolve its own hostname, could you please check your name resolution and interface binding as explained by Innovot in Post #9 of this thread?

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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