migration tool- zxbackup 30 day question
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Thread: migration tool- zxbackup 30 day question

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    Question migration tool- zxbackup 30 day question

    First of all Thanks for this migration tool !

    I want to migrate a Zimbra 7, Debian 7 x64 to Zimbra 8 Ubuntu 12.04 with this tool. Email system is very important infrastructure here, so I want to test the migration procedure on test systems.

    The Zextras backup tool free 30 day period is depend on server domain name, or ip address ? Or if I install a new zimbra on the same server, then I can start with a new 30 day free zextras licence ?

    Tx for help !

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    Hello vajtsz,
    welcome to the forums!

    The ZeXtras Suite trial doesn't track neither the FQDN, IP address or domain names of your server, and uninstalling and reinstalling Zimbra from scratch will reset the 30-days trial period
    If you need more time for your tests or for your migration, our sales team will be happy to provide you with an Extended Trial License for all of your testing and migration needs.
    You can contact the Sales Team through the appropriate form you can find on our online store.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    Thanks for the quick answer !

    30 day more then enough with this trial parameters..


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