Large Volume Migration Question
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Thread: Large Volume Migration Question

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    Large Volume Migration Question

    I would like to migrate 50+GB of emails to seed the new zimbra server.
    I expect that this will take several hours to export and import plus I have to send the data to a new data center facility.
    Then I would like to re-run the export and import process again a day later hoping that only the 'changed' emails get updated; eg deleted and new.
    I would expect the same large export, I expect the transfer time to be the same, but I hope that the 'changed' emails will import way faster because the emails have already been seeded.

    Does the zetras migrate software work in this way?


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    Hi newmember and welcome to the forums!

    Yes, it does! You only need to read carefully our Incremental Migration Guide

    Have a nice day!
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