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    Failed/stranded servers

    Will the ZeXtras Migration Tool migrate data from failed or stranded machines to new\existing ones? I've had some problems with my VMWare environment and storage lately and that somehow resulted in a machine being stranded. It's like it got duplicated only without any data in it. I ran that way for a few weeks before noticing the second machine's folder and data. If I powered it up, it may or may not properly integrate back into the environment (after shutting down its clone).

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    Hello mhammett,
    welcome to the forums!

    The ZeXtras Migration Tool is designed to migrate users and settings from a working Zimbra server to another.
    ZeXtras Backup, a module of ZeXtras Suite, provides you with a realtime backup system that can be used for Disaster Recovery, but it should have been active on the server before it got stranded in order to allow you to restore your data with a 100% success chance.

    Depending on the exact grade of damage on the stranded server you might be able to use ZeXtras Backup to export your data in order to import it on another server, but this will not be as easy and, again, the success chances depend on the status of the server.
    If the Zimbra services start and both Zimbra's DB and Store are uncorrupted, there is at least a chance.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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