Do ZCS versions have to match with a migration?
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Thread: Do ZCS versions have to match with a migration?

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    Do ZCS versions have to match with a migration?


    Rather newbie question, sorry, but when performing a migration, do the versions of Zimbra itself have to match?

    I am trying to perform the following:

    Source machine:
    Zimbra 6.0.16
    OS: Ubuntu 6

    Dest machine:
    Zimbra 7.2.6
    OS: Ubuntu 10.04

    And wanted to know if I can do this in a single step? Or if I need to install Zimbra 6.0.16 on 10.04, compete the restore with ZxBackup, then upgrade to Zimbra 7.2.6 just as I normally would?

    Many thanks

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    I've tested zextras backup/restore with a CentOS 5 32bits and ZCS 7.1 and restoring the backup in a CentOS 6 64bits and ZCS 8.0.5. Worked perfectly.

    I would recommend for as an easier alternative, to use "rsync" method for migration to the new server and then performing the upgrade "as you normally would"

    Hope I helped you!

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    Hello didster,
    welcome to the forums!

    As pup_seba (hello and welcome ) said, the Zimbra version is not relevant to the migration process.

    Both ZeXtras Suite and the ZeXtras Migration Tool are 100% environment-independent, meaning that things like the Zimbra version running on the source and destination servers, their OS, Architecture or Network Configuration are completely transparent to the software.

    You'll just need to install ZeXtras Suite on both servers and migrate your data as described on the ZeXtras Wiki.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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