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    single account migration

    Hello, we are about to migrate, from ZNE 7.2.4 multiserver to ZOSE 8.0.4 multiserver, almost 4000 account.
    We have already bought Zextras license for the new system, installed both zextras core and zimlets on all the mailstores on the 8.0.4 and the migration tool on the mailstores of the NE.
    Even after reading the wiki and the other accessible documentation, i can't figure if it's possibile to migrate one (or more) accout at time, instead of select an entire COS.
    We could obviusly copy a COS and, from time to time, associate the account to migrate to the new COS; is not a clean solution but we could consider it as a last resort.
    Do anybody know if there's a proper way to specify, using zxmig zimlet or command line, a single user or a group to migrate?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Jotun,
    welcome to the forums!

    While it is possible to import one (or more) accounts at time, the export feature will export all domains, classes of service, users, etc...
    In your particular case I'd suggest you to install ZeXtras Suite on the source server too, as you will be able to optimize migration times by performing an Incremental Migration as described at ZxBackup: Incremental migration with ZeXtras Backup - ZeXtras Suite Wiki.
    You will be able to perform any number of imports importing any number of users per import, without having to do a whole new export for each import.

    Some additional tips since you are migrating from a multistore environment (if you have more than one mailboxd server in your infrastructure):

    - Check out ZxBackup: Multistore Informations - ZeXtras Suite Wiki
    - Starting an export on a mailboxd server will only export mailboxes hosted on that very server. Same thing goes with the backup/fullscan: each server has its own Backup Path in which only mailboxes hosted on that very server are stored.
    - After importing any number of users, check share consistency with the `doCheckShares`. You can use the `doFixShares` command to fix any share issue. All mapfiles can be found in the backup path of the destination server, and are named "map_{source_server_ID}.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    Thank again for your precious reply.

    So, the things to do would be:
    uninstall zxmig on all mailboxes
    install zextras suite on all NE mailboxes (could this interfer with the Ne-related functions of zimbra, such as backup, delegate administration, mobile sync, ecc ecc ?)(can we use the same license we already have installed on the 8.0.4?)
    do a full export of a complete domain with zxsuite backup doExport ... (so, i can't really export just an user at time, i'm forced to export at least a domain, right?)
    share exported data between old and new mailstores (mounting the exported folder with sshfs on the new mailstore)
    import on the OSS mailstores one or more account
    then repeat almost all passages for the remaining accounts :-)

    If i've understood the documentation, the next iteration of "zxsuite backup doExport ..." would only export the incremental data created since the last run, right?
    In your experience, how much is the incremental export resource-intensive?
    Thanks again!

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    Hi jotun,

    you have correctly understood!

    Only one note, keep in mind that the export operation (FullScan) is pretty the same process of backup path initialization, so you can safely use the standard backup function of the backup module to do the incrementally data export, in simpler way (using COS for user selection).

    The export operation is designed to be used in a production enviroment, so it isn't stressfull but make sure you have the correct memory settings before start and, if possible, to use a different storage for export and message store.

    Have a nice migration
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