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    accountID changes

    When importing (restoring) accounts after migration with ZxMig accounts get created on destination server. Perfect!

    Only thing is that the accountID's seem to change. Accounts get created at destination server so it makes sense these are genereated new... but

    Outlook clients using ZCO have a major issue now. ZCO uses accountID so already configured Outlook profiles receive sync-errors (and no new email after migration).

    In this scenario the new (destination) server has the same name as the original. Everything the same exept for OS and Zimbra versions.
    The idea was to make the migration as transparent as possible for our end-users (who all use Outlook as their email client) but this is not working for us.

    Is there a way to have the restore create the acccounts with the same accountID as on the source server?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Wim, welcome to our forums and many thaks for your compliments.

    Your issue is well known side effect that involves also all items ids and, at the moment, Zxbackup cannot choose neither the account Id nor item ids, due to actual software implementation, so, it's working as intended.

    We are working on a complete refactoring of this modules but I don't know if we will able to overcome this limitation.

    Have a nice day.

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