Migration complete but no Mails except for one Account
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Thread: Migration complete but no Mails except for one Account

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    Migration complete but no Mails except for one Account


    first of all I want to thank you for creating such a nice tool!
    Nevertheless i've got a problem migrating form zimbra 7 to a new server with zimbra 8.
    I made an export of 72 accounts on the old server with zimbra 7. The whole export ist roundabout 15 gig.
    I then mounted the export directory from the old server to the /opt/zimbra/backup/export directory at the new server.
    I then restored everything via the zextras tool. Everything went perfect except the fact, that it took just roundabout 15 minutes
    to import the whole backup. The log says that there were no errors during the import. I then checked some imported accounts
    and there are no mails or other files imported.
    I had a look at the complete import log and it says, that all accounts were created as emty accounts. Then it says "Restoring common items of account" and selects
    one account. For this account it restores all items. After that, it selects the next account, says "Restoring common items...." and does nothing. It just skips to the next account.
    This happens for alle the other 71 accounts. So there is only one account completely restored. All the other 71 accounts are empty.
    There is absolutely no error loged.

    Could this problem origin from the fact, that i dod not transfer the data to the new server but instead just mounted the folder? Maybe 15 gig are to big to just mount?
    Is this problem known and what do I have to do to solve it?

    I would really appreciate every help since the old server will be shutdown soon.

    Greetings, MrBrown
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    i managed to solve this somehow on my own. I tared the whole export folder on the old server. Transfered this via FTP (since it seemed to be much faster this way).
    Extracted it to /opt/zimbra/backup/export, reset chown -R zimbra:zimbra and then tried to restore just one account. Zextras managed to restore all mails for this account.
    So my solution is, to restore every account seperately since it seeems, that 72 accounts as one operation is too much for Zextras.
    Anyway this tool is really great and can save a lot of time!!

    Greetings MrBrown!

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    Hi MrBrown and welcome to our forums.

    Your problem is weird, so we need some more info to better investigate because 72 accounts is a very little number for a migration:

    - Zimbra version of both server, comprehensive of type (FOSS or NETWORK)
    - Zextras version of both server, comprehensive of type (Full Suite or ZxMig)
    - End export mail notification and Export log (you can send us to communty@zextras.com)
    - End import mail notification and Import log (you can send us to communty@zextras.com)
    - Any exceptions found in /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log of both servers.

    Have a nice day.

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