Problems with Zextra Migration Tool Core
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Thread: Problems with Zextra Migration Tool Core

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    Problems with Zextra Migration Tool Core

    I have a Zimbra OSE 7.1.2 installed but when I try installation ZMig the Zextra Core is not starting
    Checking the logs it says that it is a mismatch between ZMig version and Zimbra.
    For a reason ZMig detects my Zimbra version as 6.0.6 and not as 7.1.2
    Any of you knows how to fix this?

    I can be sure that theres a file somewhere in my zimbra that have previous version because of an upgrade procedure

    Thanks all for your help

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    Hello hvailente,
    welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately, a version mismatch is usually caused by a partial/failed upgrade process and it's not an easy situation to deal with... I'll do some research and have a talk with the devs in order to see how we can help!

    To start, it would be great to have the output of the `zmcontrol -v` and `zmjava com.zimbra.cs.util.BuildInfo` commands (run both as the zimbra user) and the .install_history file you can find in the /opt/zimbra/ directory. If the file is too large to be copy/pasted here feel free to use a service like PasteBin to link the contents.
    Additional informations can be found in the "zmsetup.log.*" files in /opt/zimbra/, if you see any error or exception in any of such files please mail it to stating your forum username in the subject and the url of this thread in the body of the message.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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