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Thread: Import Wizard seems stuck

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    Import Wizard seems stuck

    I am attempting to import a migration set created under Zimbra 6.0.16 into a new Zimbra system in version 8 on a new machine.
    I have moved the data store to the new machine and when I start the import wizard I am asked for the source path.
    I enter the path to the migration set data and immediately receive a pop up asking for a valid backup path. I wasn't inputting a
    backup path but rather a source path. Further, I am never able to get past this error message. Is the confusion of source verses backup
    merely bad English grammer or am I missing something more basic here?

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    Hello bney,
    welcome to the forums!

    As you currently noticed, that "Enter a valid backup path" actually should read "Enter a valid source path"... I'll make sure this is fixed with the next ZeXtras Suite release.

    Regarding the error itself, please make sure that the zimbra user in the destination server has read and write rights on the source path, that the entered source path is correct and that the path you entered is the one of the directory containing the "accounts", "items", "server" subdirectories and the "backupstat" file (more files may be in the directory but this are the basic ones).

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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