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If i use the 30 day trail version of the 'ZeXtras Suite package' and accomplish my migration, Do i still need to buy the license after 30 days OR can i let go of it and hopefully i wont cause any issues in the smooth functioning of the server ?

Can you shed some light on this ?

ALTHOUGH, i believe i wont be needing any thing else besides the "ZeXtras Migration Tool" !!!

am i correct ?

Thank you
Hello Systemali!

The 30-day ZeXtras Suite trial is fully featured, so you will be able to complete your migration with just that. If you accomplish your migration within the trial period you are safe to uninstall ZeXtras Suite without any issue or impact on the server

Remember that the ZeXtras Migration Tool can only export data, while the ZeXtras Backup module of ZeXtras Suite is required to import such data. Also, the ZeXtras Migration Tool cannot be used to perform an Incremental Migration.

Have a nice day,