Migrating 13'000 accounts/2'000 domains - ZxMig good?
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Thread: Migrating 13'000 accounts/2'000 domains - ZxMig good?

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    Migrating 13'000 accounts/2'000 domains - ZxMig good?


    I'm planning to migrate a multi server installation of ZCS NE 6.0.15 to either a multi server ZCA (appliance) or multi-server ZCS ("proper") 8.x installation. Once we do this (which would be in a few months, or so), we'd like to migrate ALL of our domains and users more or less at once. We're doing tests now.

    Thing is - we've got like 13'000 accounts and about 2'000 domains and a mail store of about 2TB.

    Would ZxMig actually scale for such a medium sized installation?

    One problem I foresee is the duration of the whole process. To not risk losing any mails, I guess I should stop delivery and also make IMAP/POP3/Webmail/ inaccessible to users (→ downtime). But that just cannot take days, as you might guess

    I'm a bit unsure - is it worthwhile to invest time and effort into ZxMig, or is that just too big for this tool?


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    Hello Alexander!

    For this kind of a migration I suggest using the ZeXtras Backup module for ZeXtras Suite on both the source and destination server, as it provides more migration options than the ZeXtras Migration Tool.
    Other than this, I see no possible issues in performing your migration!

    I'll send you my direct contact via PM, I'd like to discuss your needs and the migration process.

    Have a nice day,
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