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    Question briefcase and permissions

    I've succesfully migrated a domain with about 50 accounts, but now I'm facing a little problem with signatures.

    Users use a custom signature with a link to an image hosted on a public directory from his own briefcase.

    after migration signatures still points to old server (URL changed).

    I detected two problems:

    1 - migration scripts don't change briefcase URLs. for examples this:

    should be this:

    2 - briefcase permissions are changed. each users has a directory with Public permissions (anyone can acces for reading). but after migration those permissions are revoked.

    are those known problems?

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    Hello muzzol!

    All users' data is imported exactly as it was in the source server, and this includes the content of all users' signatures...

    About the public permission shares, did you try to use the "doFixShares" CLI command to make sure that all shares are consistent?
    The syntax for the command is the following:
    zxsuite backup doFixShares map_[server_id]
    The default location for the mapfile is /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/, please run this command and see if it fixes the shares.

    Have a nice day,


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