Planning Migration between 5.0.9 32bit to 7.1.1 64bit
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Thread: Planning Migration between 5.0.9 32bit to 7.1.1 64bit

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    Planning Migration between 5.0.9 32bit to 7.1.1 64bit


    I am planning currently a migration between a very poorly setup Zimbra server on a debian etch/32bit system.

    We have 369 accounts and a mailstore volume of about 370 GB.

    The main problem is that the disks are very slow and everything is setup on the same raid1 so we suffer from very poor I/O.

    A fullbackup with our backup solution (go through all users, set user in maintenance, sync index store, retrieve a list of messages for this user, set user active, backup those messages, go on to next user ...) takes up to 3 days. This backup is done to a relativly fast server with a good disk array over gigabit Network.

    I understand I have to upgrade to at least zimbra 6.0.7, do you have any preference for a 6.0 version or does it not matter which i choose to upgrade to?

    After that, how long will the export approximatly take? As long as the discribed fullbackup above, or will it be shorter?

    What happens to my system while the export is in progress, do people have access to their mailboxes?

    What happens to mail received after I started the export? Could I do incremental export after the initial export (which would be much faster as it does not contain that much emails and therefore I could stop accepting mails for this last export/import and start accepting mails on the new server once finished)?

    Could convert the standalone server with the the new server (64bit, 7.1.1) into a multiserver setup and migrate with your tool the mailboxes in multiple batches and leaving both servers active at the same time?

    Are there other ways I could migrate the mailboxes I have not thought about without much service interruption?

    Thank you for your hints,
    best regards

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    Hello Ray, and welcome to the forums!

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    - Zimbra 6.0.13 is preferred (less differences between schemas), but we successfully tested pretty much any combination.

    - I'm pretty sure it won't take that much time, but I really can't give an estimate

    - While the export is in progress the system is perfectly functional. Your users will have access to their mailboxes and mail will continue to flow (if you need so).

    - Incremental Migration is possible using the ZxBackup module of ZeXtras Suite (a 30-day trial is available).
    What I usually suggest in this case is:
    • Update Zimbra on the source server and install ZeXtras Suite.
    • Disable the Real Time Scanner and execute a Live Full Scan of the source server. Mind that the backup path will be used as source for the import on a new server.
    • Install ZeXtras Suite on the destination server.
    • Run an External Import on the destination server using the source server's backup folder as Source Folder.
    • Once the External Import is over, switch the mail flow to the new server so that your users can begin to work on that. They will have all the pre-migration mails and they will receive the new mails.
    • Execute a Live Full Scan on the Source server. Mind that the backup path MUST BE THE SAME AS BEFORE.
    • Perform an External Import identical to the first one. As the import goes, the missing mails will be added to the inboxes.

    Obviously, if you can afford a little downtime you can run the second batch of Real Time Scanner + External Import while keeping your users 'away' from the server adding some iptables rules, so that they will see no difference between the old and new server.

    - Multistore is not supported yet in ZeXtras Migration Tool and ZeXtras Suite. Such support will be included in version 1.0.0 (which is in RC state at the moment). However, I honestly don't see a good reason to set up a multistore environment for ~400 accounts..

    Have a nice day,


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