Migrate 6.08 to 7.2 Latest NE
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Thread: Migrate 6.08 to 7.2 Latest NE

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    Migrate 6.08 to 7.2 Latest NE

    Hello...We are preparing an upgrade from an older 6.08 server running RH 5.0 ES to a new server running RH 6.3 ES Zimbra 7.2 Network Edition with Zimbra Mobile. I was looking at the migration docs and have done it using their suggested 32-bit to 64-bit server migration...However, I came across the ZeXtras Migration Tool and it really seems too good to be true...Would it work in my environment with 120 mailboxes running NE with Zimbra Mobile? Are there any caveats here? Network edition OK with Zimbra Mobile?

    Thanks so much!


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    Hello Dave and welcome to the forum!
    Zextras Migration Tool is exactly what you need and it is really true :-)

    Before doing your migration I suggest you to carefully read Zextras wiki:
    ZeXtras Migration Tool Guide - ZeXtras Suite Wiki

    And if you need an incremental migration to reduce near to zero the system down, please take a look to this guide:

    ZxBackup: Incremental migration with ZeXtras Backup - ZeXtras Suite Wiki

    Last but not least, Zextras Mobile (i think you want to say ZeXtras Mobile instead of Zimbra Mobile) is perfecly working in Zimbra NE.
    For example if you have a Network Edition Standard version without ActiveSync module you can install Zextras Suite and use Zextras Mobile for all your accounts !

    Have a nice Migration.

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