I've searched the board for the info (some minutes, not more) so forgive me if this is an already asked question.

We are planning a migration from an old Zimbra server (centos 6 with version 8.7.4) to a new zimbra server (centos 7 with version 8.8.12).
We decided that in place upgrade of O.S. and zimbra version is a no go (we already made this choice in the past e now we suffer some problem on the zimbra server).

We would like to use zextras migration tool to make the migration.

Our problem is that we are already using ZxMobile on the original server (but not ZxBackup) and in the migration tool info we see that Zextras should not be installed in the source server.

This situation is a no go for our plan? Which migration plan do you suggest in this case?

Thanks in advanced