Migrate ZCS5 x86 to ZCS7 x64
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Thread: Migrate ZCS5 x86 to ZCS7 x64

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    Migrate ZCS5 x86 to ZCS7 x64


    I'm new to the forum and would like your help,

    I have a big problem on their hands,

    I have a production server that's running CentOS 5.5 and ZCS 5
    I have 300 boxes and 235GB

    I need to migrate to a new server, preferably a Centos ZCS 6 and 7

    I would like you to help us to know how best to do this.

    I would not change the server that is in production, it is a very critical service here in the company.

    I await your help.

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    Hello diego.luisi,
    welcome to the forums!

    ZeXtras Suite and ZeXtras Migration Tool require at least version 6.0.7 of Zimbra in order to be installed.
    If you are willing to upgrade the source server to at least version 6.0.7 (I'd suggest an update to the latest available 6.0.x version) you can then migrate to a new server as described in the following guide: ZeXtras Migration Tool Guide - ZeXtras Suite Wiki

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