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    Zimbra Plus Installed

    I'm looking at migrating Our Zimbra NE to a new server with new OS.
    Our current server has and using the Zimbra Plus suite. Looking over the notes for using the migration tool it looks like it would require us to uninstall it before we can use your Migration Tool. Is this correct?


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    Hello Devin,
    and welcome to Zextras Forum.

    If you have Zimbra Backup Plus you can use that to perform an Incremental Migration (or even a "one-step" migration using the "Export Backup" feature). If you don't you'll need to uninstall Zimbra Suite Plus in order to install the Zextras Migration Tool.

    If the destination server is running Zimbra 8.8 and your Zimbra license includes the Backup module you will be able to import your data using the new Backup NG included in Zimbra NE.

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